The secret of a sure-cancer therapy

The secret of a sure-cancer therapy is:

Previous testing of the cancer drugs and: Subsequent therapy with success or Follow-up.

We achieve this by means of the CIRCULATING TUMOR CELLS obtained  from the patient's blood and the subsequent test series in which we test the anti-cancer drugs which we feel are best to kill the tumor cells. These tests will give us the combination of drug concentration and exposure time of different drug substances.

In addition, we administer the usual materials used here, which have already been tested in scientific studies at universities in cell cultures of cancer cells successfully, but as yet are not "on the market".

These medical materials are specially made for us by an accredited laboratory. These include:
Laetrile (Vitamin B17), artesunate, turmeric, DCA, DMSO, high-dose vitamin C, 2-DG, KARAL, hypericin, cesium chloride, methyl jasmonates,and GcMAF among other things,