Welcome to the Medical centre Frankfurt, to the specialist's centre for optimum consultation(advice) and complementary biological cancer therapies.

Even the longest way begins with the first step.
Quelle: Lao Tse (~ 600-400 v. Chr.)

They as a patient with your individual situation and your questions stand in the centre of our medical action.

Our aim is optimally discussed(consulted) to examine(investigate) you completely and extensively(comprehensively) in quite special way to be able to treat you and. Besides, our approach is based on the results in the medical research which have not found, however, yet everywhere move(entry) in the usual(standard) clinic.

We look(consider) at a tumour not as a local event(incident), but always in connection with the whole body. That is the whole(complete) metabolism as well as the immune system are considered in his(its) individuality. This leads finally to an individual tumour therapy:

Patients with an identical diagnosis receive not the same(identical) therapy, but in each case an individual therapy.

The right drugs are determined by a Sensitivitätstestung from the blood of the patient. Besides, help(assist) to us sucked circulating tumour cells. These are won(got) from the patient's blood and against this the drugs of treatment are tested and the correctness of the therapy is determined.

A care oriented to patient and detailed clarification, regular continuing education, organisation expiries appropriate for guideline and expiries of treatment as well as an optimum communication with the co-operating doctors protect the quality of our Medical centre Frankfurt.

To restore(recover) their(her) health together with you and then to preserve is our concern(request) and for it we use our comprehensive knowledge and our experience. This is valid(applies) for patient, to the special therapy as well as for patients who come to the precaution investigation, and also for patients in the aftercare(maintenance).

On the following sides we offer you comprehensive information about ours

Medical Center Frankfurt      -      Medical specialist's centre


You as our patient with your individual situation and your questions are the focus of our medical practice.

Our aim is to investigate fully and comprehensively in order to best assist and treat.

We do not consider a tumor as a local event , but always in connection with the whole body . That is, the entire metabolism and the immune system are taken into account individuality . This ultimately leads to an individual tumor therapy :

Patients with an identical diagnosis do not necessarily receive the same treatment, but are  treated individually.

The right drugs are determined by sensitivity testing of the patient's blood . The so-called circulating tumor cells help us. These are obtained from the patient's blood and from this the treatment medication will be tested and the accuracy of the treatment determined.

A patient-centered care and detailed reconnaissance, regular training, guideline-based organization, treatment procedures and optimum communication with the cooperating doctors ensure the quality of our Medical Center in Frankfurt.

To protect your health together with you is our main concern and to these ends we use our extensive knowledge and experience. This applies to patients who come for screening , as well as for patients in the follow-up.

On the following pages you will find comprehensive information about our Medical Center in Frankfurt.

Even the longest journey begins with the first step .
Source: Lao Tse (~ 600-400 BC)

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