regional hyperthermia

regional hyperthermia, Medical Center Frankfurt, GermanyHow the method works and how it is used

Oncothermia is based on the classical method of Hyperthermia, one of the oldest cancer
treatment methods. Unlike conventional Hyperthermia, however, Oncothermia does more than
simply warm deep layers of tissue. It also combines such warming with a modulated electric
fi eld, with a carrier frequency of 13.56 MHz, that is generated by two active electrodes. A
mobile electrode is positioned in accordance with the body area being treated, while a second,
stationary electrode always remains in a fi xed position below the patient, integrated within the
therapy bed. Micro-biological tests have proven that malignant tissue has higher conductivity
than healthy human tissue. As a result, the electric fi eld tends to fl ow predominantly through
the malignant tumor tissue. This effect is referred to as “selection at the cellular level”. The
combination of deep-layer heating and the electric fi eld leads to stimulation of malignant tumor
cells. This, in turn, inhibits the natural activity of malignant cells and triggers and supports
the body‘s immune response. Malignant tumor cells then die via a process known as “apoptosis”.
Oncothermia treatment thus is based on two key effects: energy absorption and cellular-level

Oncothermie: die Methode

Oncothermia: the method

Schematic illustration of Oncothermia treatment: The illustration shows how the electric fi eld, produced by the two active electrodes, passes through the patient’s body. As shown schematically, the electric fi eld tends to move through the pathways with the lowest impedance, i.e. through the malignant tissue (tumor).

Percentage distribution of killed cells after Hyperthermia and Oncothermia treatment

Percentage distribution of killed cells after Hyperthermia and Oncothermia treatment, Medical Center Frankfurt

Already at a temperature of 38°C, Oncothermia therapy yields better results than classic Hyperthermia does even at a higher temperature of 42°C. The number of killed cells is 2.5 times higher.

Hyperthermia: even, focused heating

Hyperthermia: even, focused heating, Medical Center Frankfurt

Both malignant and healthy tissues are uniformly heated from all sides. The temperature difference between tumor cells and surrounding healthy tissue is hardly measurable (even, focused heating).

Oncothermia: conductive heating

Oncothermia: conductive heating, Medical Center Frankfurt

The electric fi eld and resulting heat are directed to the area of the tumor cells, so the temperature of the healthy tissue increases only very slightly (conductive heating).